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Blackout Technologies stands for high-quality. We support our customers in all stages of their transition to using Artificial Intelligence solutions and Digital Assistants.

Our Mission

To inspire humanity and to change the world for the better, by using Artificial Intelligence and Social Robotics.

Who We Are

You may ask yourself, “Why Blackout?” – My answer to this has two sides: First ‘Blackout’ is the robot from the Transformers universe who was able to transform into a helicopter, and since we are a robotics startup and we love helicopters and flight, it came natural. Second, we wanted to pick a name that people could remember, just by reading or hearing the name. So far it worked out great for us, people remember the name and they love our story!

We started out with meeting the Pepper robot from SoftBanks Europe during our research period. Once I met the little guy, it was clear to me that the next generation of humanoid robots, that can actually touch the everyday life of people will be the social robots. I had little doubt in my mind that there will be a wave of robots flooding the market and integrating themselves into the private lives of humans. I wanted to be part of this new age of technology, and I wanted to equip them with sophisticated artificial intelligence to really amaze people.

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Only thing left to do was to convince enough people of the same vision and there we were, in our very own office with our very own robot! It was awesome! Ever since we had the amazing opportunities to work togeher with international teams and companies that have their own version of that grand vision. Since our partners and we share so much of a common goal it is a very pleasant and enjoyable journey for everybody involved.

– Marc Fiedler, CEO and Founder of Blackout Technologies

ZIMT, Fitzmauricestraße 7, 28199 Bremen, Deutschland
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